Nursery School


We aim to make the children's first
experience of school happy and exciting:
we encourage them to develop their
confidence, curiosity and passion for learning.

Primary School


The academic excellence of a top city day school coupled with first-rate pastoral care, a strong commitment to sport, the creative arts and extra-curricular life.

Secondary School


We want pupils to thrive on academic challenges, but also to relish extra-curricular opportunities whether on the sports field, in the concert hall, on stage or in expeditions.

Welcome to Tusiime Schools

Tusiime Schools

Tusiime Schools is a community of approximately three thousand student from Nursery to Secondary. For students whose curiosity is as great as their ambition, whose desire to serve matches their desire to achieve. Tusiime Schools provides boundless opportunities for intellectual, creative and personal growth. Teaching is consistently good and teachers are always striving to improve. They plan lessons that excite the pupils and there is a strong focus on investigative approaches to learning in all lessons.

Why Choose Tusiime

One of the Leading Schools In Tanzania

At Tusiime Schools, we believe that high-class academics go far beyond the classroom. Our students are immersed in experiences that can only be found at one of the best Schools in Tanzania which has been consistently the number one school in Dar es Salaam for the past few years

School Community

Our diverse community of faculty and staff supports our students and shares their characteristics of dedication, motivation, passion, perseverance, creativity and intelligence. Together they have what it takes to turn thoughts into concrete ideas, potential into genuine ability and goals into tangible results

High-quality staff

Excellent teachers are an essential ingredient for an outstanding school. Tusiime is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring the best out of each and every child. The school invests heavily in the development of its staff and sets high professional expectations

About School

Exam Performance 2013
  • In 2012, 100% of Tusiime’s Primary School standard seven students passed the National Exams with 17 of top 20 students coming from Tusiime and the school ranking number one in Dar es Salaa
  • In 2013, 100% of Tusiime’s O-level leavers scored a pass Division and registering no Fail
  • In 2013, 100% of Tusiime’s A-level leavers scored a pass Division and registering no Fail
Three schools in one

We educate boys and girls from Nursery to High School on three separate sites. Children progress through three distinctive schools but benefit from being part of a larger institution with an integrated curriculum and pastoral care system and access to first class Education.

University success

In 2013, More than 60% of high School graduates were offered places at reputable Universities in Tanzania

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