History of Tusiime Schools

Almost 17 years Old

Tusiime School was founded in 1998 from private and parent’s initiatives, interest and influence. It started as a mere private Nursery & Prep school of 5 students. From 1999, Tusiime was patiently molded into a large and sophisticated primary school with full accreditation from the Tanzania Ministry of Education in 2002.

Since then, Tusiime Schools quickly established their academic credentials and have been gradually expanding and they have now reached an enrolment of about 3000 students in total for Nursery, Primary, Secondary and High school.

Throughout its years of providing educations to young minds in Tanzania, Tusiime has a vision to be a quality education provider with high academic standards which enable the school to target to be an inclusive school which offers quality, broad, balanced and competence based education from Nursery to high school. The education that exposes a graduate to an international market and challenges, basing on content and quality.

So far the schools have largely accomplished its vision for the Primary schools as its now is a leading Primary school in Tanzania having been the best school in Dar es Salaam for 8 consecutive years producing the top 17 best students in 2012 and top 20 students in 2013 nationally. Also in 2013, Tusiime High School produced the best student (T.O) in the ASCEE who took the subjects combination of Economics, Commerce and Accountancy (ECA).

Tusiime gives attention to students with special needs who are accommodated and taken care of to enable them to optimize their potential. To achieve this it formed a partnership with non-profit, independent organization called TABAT (Tanzania Braille Audio Trust) to deliver the quality education of visually impaired persons at all levels of the Tanzania education system.