Vision and Mission


To be a quality education provider with high academic standards

Tusiime School Provides high quality education and it has been the best school in Dar es Salaam and receiving Different awards for academic achievement. It has approximately 3000 students from different family and cultural heritages. Tusiime does not just go for “special” children who have already shown their academic potential but we believe every child is special, and through professional strategies, hard work and effort we can make them achieve the highest honors in Tanzania education. We want our students to feel ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead and able to make a positive difference to whichever community they finds themselves in throughout their life. Whilst we aim to help each boy and girl to achieve their full academic potential and enjoy that process, we also emphasize the importance of spiritual growth and of developing as a person, most particularly in confidence, compassion and courage. We want to encourage each pupil to develop as an individual as well as a responsible and caring member of society.

How do we Do it

  • Through ensuring academic excellence by the provision of a challenging curriculum, outstanding teaching, and a culture of intellectual curiosity and independent learning
  • Offering rounded education, rich in extracurricular activities and opportunities, which facilitates the acquisition of life skills and encourages both participation and individual excellence.
  • Encouraging the appreciation of the spiritual dimension to life, and the development of a sound moral framework.
  • Promoting continuous institutional improvement through high quality professional development.

We aim to do this by providing:

  • A full and balanced curriculum and a very wide range of activities, designed to promote academic, cultural, creative, physical, spiritual, moral and social development
  • Well-taught lessons within facilities designed to encourage the best teaching and the best learning
  • Supportive individual academic and pastoral care
  • Group and individual higher education and careers guidance designed to help every student to make wise personal choices
  • A wide range of opportunities for leadership
  • A culture of praise, encouragement and support within a framework designed to develop self-reliance, confidence and wellbeing
  • The experience of learning to understand other people which a boarding and day school can provide
  • Opportunities for a close partnership with parents so that school and home can work together to help every pupil

Tusiime Primary School Primary 7 2013 Best Students with School Managing Director and School Manageress



To create disseminate and develop skills and attitudes that meet labor market and develop challenges locally and globally.

Mission Objectives

  • To develop education system allowing students to learn and exhibit efficient cooperation in terms of education and scientific research at national and international levels
  • To offer an education which favor equilibrium physical potential, mental, spiritual and social development.
  • To promote competitive education of pupils/Students considering the needs of our country.