How difficult is it to get in?

The ratio of applicants to places is normally about 2.5:1 at all entry points although it can be higher at the Nursery and Pre-School. It also depends mainly on the interview results and cut marks.

Do you have to be academically outstanding to come to Tusiime Schools?

While a good proportion of our pupils are as bright as any in Tanzania we offer opportunities for pupils from a range of abilities. It is true that our pupils get good results and go to top Schools and universities but by no means everyone will get A*grades at A level. We take as much pleasure in pupils who work hard to achieve their goals and we, as Tusiime Schools, we help to make normal students become outstanding students.

How do you get such good exam results?

Both pupils and staff work hard and the collective expectations here are very high. It is quite true that because we have pass marks before students can progress to any class we ought to do well but also that we add a great deal of value to pupils, not just through academic work, but also through sport, music, drama and other extra-curricular activities. Academic high flyers are stretched by setting in some subjects, extension exercises and through national and international competitions such as the various academic schools. Pupils experiencing difficulties in a subject receive individual support from teachers. 

Is Tusiime an academic hot house?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Tusiime is committed to developing the musical, artistic, sporting, dramatic and practical talents of all its pupils and provides lots of opportunities to do so. Extra-curricular activities help develop pupils’ self-confidence, team work, problem solving and inter-personal skills as well as providing students with lifelong interests and the opportunity to make friends. We believe in a rounded education not a narrowly academic one.

How much is school Fees?

School fees differs from different level from Nursery to High School, for information on School Fees Please visit the Schools and ask for information at Reception.

What is the minimum age for Nursery School entrance?

The minimum age for Nursery and Pre-school entrance is 3 years

Where is Tusiime School?

The School is situated in Dar es Salaam, off Mandela road 5km from Segerea Prison junction and 8km from city center, it’s on a 15 acre piece of land at Plot 47 Ky Tabata Segerea- Ilala District.

You can see the location on the map below

What Schools level does Tusiime School have?

Tusiime Schools comprise the following schools.

  • Tusiime Nursery and Pre-School
  • Tusiime Primary School (Grade 1 to 7)
  • Tusiime Secondary School (Form I to Form IV)
  • Tusiime High School (Form V and Form VI)
Where can I get Application Forms?

Application forms are available at Tusiime Schools offices and online on the Tusiime website depending on the Admission announcements.