Tusiime Nursery School

Welcome from Madam Irene, Head Teacher

<span>Tusiime Nursery Head Teacher</span>

For me, there is no greater privilege than to welcome your children to their first school. From their first visit to the Tusiime Nursery and Pre-School we aim to make their experience of school happy and exciting: we encourage them to take daily, small steps to develop their confidence, curiosity and passion for learning.

Madam Irene Tusiime Nursery Head Teacher

Tusiime have excellent teachers who ensure that they acquire a firm foundation of life-long skills whilst having access to a broad, stimulating and challenging curriculum. This takes account of the children’s interests and the opportunities available to us within and around the wonderful city Dar es Salaam.

We aim to awaken a thirst for learning, helping children to develop an understanding and enjoyment of the world around them. The children are enthusiastic and inspired by the learning opportunities on offer and delight in meeting challenges and taking risks whilst benefiting from a safe and secure environment. They learn through a range of play-based activities as well as more formal methods of learning and have many opportunities to develop their independence.

Our pastoral care is second to none because every single child in the school is known to all and is valued for their individual characteristics. All achievements are celebrated. Whilst our own facilities are excellent, as part of Tusiime Schools we benefit from being able to use the extensive facilities available nearby at Primary and Secondary, particularly for sports. We have close links with Tusiime Primary School and ensure that the transition from Nursery to Primary is smooth. We run a daily minibus service between school and students homes to ease collections for parents at the end of the day.

Our children love meeting up with their older siblings and much vigorous waving goes on! I hope you will enjoy learning more about our school on the succeeding pages. However, nothing is better than a personal visit to the school, so if you would like to see more we would be delighted to show you round.