Pastoral care

We are committed to providing the highest quality pastoral care and recognize that student happiness is a pre-requisite to academic and extra-curricular success. We encourage every student to be the best they can be and to become excellent all-round citizens. Most of all we want students to enjoy school and to develop the skills and self-confidence needed for a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

We work very closely with students and parents to ensure that students can make the most of the opportunities available to them. Tusiime is a happy school and our pupils feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they have excellent support.

Something key to our pastoral ethos is a focus on balance. We are very aware of the challenges and pressures of life within (and outside) a vibrant and busy school, and we work hard alongside students, parents, and staff to try to get the balance between work and play, comfort and challenge, instruction and discovery, rules and common sense, questioning and humility, and guidance and independence.

Our pastoral care begins in the term prior to entry with a comprehensive induction program. This provides an introduction to life at Tusiime and an opportunity for pupils to quickly settle into a new environment and start making friends.Tusiime Secondary is the largest of the Tusiime Schools and is a time of transition and discovery. Our focus is to develop individuals who can learn and succeed at the highest level, whilst also developing respect and empathy for themselves and others. Overall we want our students to be confident and happy generating outstanding academic and co-curricular achievement.

DSC_1098The Teachers are at the heart of our pastoral care system. The teachers have daily contact with their students and develops a strong bond; celebrating success and setting ambitious targets to improve academically, but also more generally as someone the students can trust and talk to. The teacher is also the link to the parents and we believe positive communication with parents is an essential element of successful pastoral care.We take the development of the individual as the driving force behind our work. A coordinated study skills program across the secondary school helps our students work intelligently and efficiently, which also ties in with our excellent Learning Support department. There is also a student mentor program designed so older secondary school students can provide support for younger boys and girls. In the same way, A level prefects also help to provide a student support system that ensures all pupils have somewhere to go if needed. There are also various opportunities for the students to make themselves heard in the secondary School and whole school councils.

The Teachers work closely with class teachers who set the tone for a particular class, celebrating success in class assemblies and coordinating the day to day development of students. The Head of Secondary School is responsible for making sure the transition throughout the Middle School is a happy and successful one, working closely with the other section heads and Deputy Head for Students.

We believe successful pastoral management enhances everything we do at Tusiime Secondary School. Overall the pastoral system has been deliberately created to be an effective support structure. Students achieve academic excellence in a happy and safe environment, emerging into Sixth Form life as successful, confident and ambitious young people who respect their environment and others around them.